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Persil ProClean: The Deep Clean Level

Persil ProClean: The Deep Clean Level

Super bowL SUNDAY

Writing music for a Super Bowl commercial could come with a ton of pressure, but this was a blast to work on. It called for action, suspense and a dash of humour.


Having it premier on US TV, at the Super Bowl, is already a highlight in my year.


Gareth J. Rubery

The Dream

I compose bespoke music for a range of clients in Advertising, Film and TV. 


Working on commercials for brands including Coca-Cola and Google, having music featured on various TV networks, including the BBC, closely working with directors to create scores to enhance already inspiring stories, has been the realising of a dream job. 


There’s nothing quite like the first video call about a new project. The creativity, enthusiasm and sheer excitement steers everything in the right direction from the start.


Don’t forget to make a cuppa first...

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A selection of films I've had the pleasure to work on.

Gareth J. Rubery ✪ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer ✪Unofficial✪
MARY POPPINS RETURNS 2018 Trailer WITH MUSIC, Emily Blunt, Disney ✪ Unofficial ✪ Gareth J. Rubery